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Gyeonggi-do Bus Transportation Business Association, Confirmation of 2nd stage supply of double-decker bus by Taeyoung Motors Co., Ltd. in 2015
May 4, 2016

The contract for the 2nd stage supply of a ‘double-decker bus for the broad region of Gyeonggi-do’ completed in 2015.

According to the principal of the operation of the business for the double-decker bus for the broad region (hereinafter, Gyeonggi Bus Association), Taeyoung Motors Co., Ltd. (Lee, Chi-hoon, the representative director), which was the supplier for the 1st stage of the double-decker bus for the broad region to the Gyeonggi Bus Association, and the only company that tendered for the 2nd stage supply, the contract was fulfilled for exclusive supply of 10 units of the 2nd stage double-decker bus for the broad region on the 15th. Through this, a total of 19 units for both the 1st and the 2nd stages will be operated as buses the broad region links of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Gyeonggi-do is planning to continuously increase the number of double-decker buses. 


The double-decker bus for the broad region is characterized by  use of the Volvo chassis. With dimensions of 13,000mm × 2,500mm × 4,000mm (LxWxH), it satisfies the height limit of 4m. A Euro 6 engine with engine displacement of 7,700cc and power output of 350HP was installed. Since the chassis and engine from Volvo are used, they can be maintained at all of the Volvo service centers throughout the country.

This bus has a double-decker structure, with capacity for 72 passengers, while other similar single decker buses have capacity for 40 passengers. The 2nd level deck is open-ceiling type, along with the availability of a close-ceiling type that can be opened and closed manually. The platform is installed at the side door on the 1st level deck to make wheelchair access easier. Moreover, separate seats and buzzers have been installed in consideration of disabled persons. In addition, passenger convenience has been improved through built-in USB recharging terminals at each of the seats.