Press Releases

Operation of the Busan City Tour, ‘Mandi Bus’ in June
May 2, 2016

It is anticipated that the red ‘Mandi Bus’ with a panoramic sunroof will be seen in Busan in June.

Mandi Bus is a hillside road tour bus that Taeyoung operates. Taeyoung, after having been selected as a private sector operator on the 16th   of  June, presented the original plan to “introduce a medium sized 25-seater bus remodeled as an open car type bus” and we are planning to execute this plan.

This will allow passengers to pleasantly tour the city of Busan while enjoying a clear view of the sky and breathing the clean air of hillside roads. The external design of the bus is planned to display the images of the Gamcheon Cultural Village and the night scenes of the hillside road, which is a representative tourist attraction. The image of the hillside road will be embodied through lines for refined expression.

Linkage and transfer between each of the buses is also planned. Firstly, through alliance with the airlines and airport limousine, the Mandi Bus will be promoted through in-flight broadcasting and magazines, and a 20% discount will be offered to the holder of airline tickets. Moreover, a 20% discount will also be offered to the occupants of the major hotels in Busan through alliance with the boarding pass sold through the hotel front desk.

An additional Mandi Bus station will be installed next to the city tour bus station at the Busan Railway Station with operation of a joint ticket office. The tour courses will include circulation type, theme type and night tour courses. In addition, a special discount of 50% will be offered to  local residents who use the bus, along with  plans for provision of a scholarship to  students in need from the local area, with a portion of the profits generated by establishing a ‘Mandi Bus scholarship’ system.