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Trial run of a double-decker bus in Sejong City
September 11, 2016

Solve congestion during rush hour with a double-decker bus…

An event was held to experience a ride in a double-decker bus (manufactured by Volvo of Sweden and imported by Taeyoung Motors) in Sejong City on February 22nd.

This event was organized by Sejong City and approximately 40 passengers, including the honorable mayor of Sejong City, Lee, Chun-hee, and a citizen group, boarded the bus and over a distance of approximately 21.9km which included the BRT road personally experienced the stability and convenience of the bus.


The bus  was a closed ceiling type double-decker bus that is being used as a city bus (in Gimpo and Namyangju) in Gyeonggi-do and for Busan City Tours. It can accommodate 73 passengers, including the driver. Sejong City held this experience event in response to its heavy rush hour traffic.

Sejong City is experiencing extreme congestion at rush hour because of the rapid increase in the number of passengers using the BRT route, owing to the marked influx of residents into the new city center. Accordingly, the city is reviewing the introduction of new bus transportation options including the double-decker bus and bimodal tram (a special bus with 2 connected vehicles) capable of carrying a large number of passengers.

Sejong City is already pursuing a large scale reorganization of public transportation, including the expansion of routes within the new city center and establishment of a Transportation Corporation, in addition to the introduction of new transportation methods.