Press Releases

Holding trial runs for the Busan History Tour and Mandi Bus
September 12, 2016

“Mandi Bus,” which is a history tour bus that links the sought- after tourism attractions in the original downtown of Busan with the scenic view of Sanbok (mountain range) Road, held a trial run at the Busan Station Square on July 13 at 4PM. Taking part were Seo, Byeong-soo, the honorable Mayor of Busan, Chairman of Busan City Parliament, Park, Sam-seok, Mayor of Dong-gu, Kim, Eun-sook, Mayor of Jung-gu, Jeong, Moon-heum, Chairman of Taeyoung, Seon, Hyeon-deuk, representative director of Taeyoung Bus Co., Ltd., local residents, etc.

Mandi Bus is a unique and distinctive minibus with a sunroof that opens; it operates on a course designed for the exploration of the range of culture and history of Sanbok Road.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the Mandi Bus Platform at the Busan Station from 9AM to 6PM.