Concept of Competent Personnel

Taeyoung Group is operating a diverse range of welfare systems for the enhancement of morale, self-development and maintenance of a stable life for the staff and executives, and offers a wide range of welfare facilities for the establishment of a great working environment.




A Win-Win relationship through which the shared values of the customers and company, staff and company, and between the staff can be explained clearly


Thinking from company-wide and future-oriented perspectives in handling relevant tasks with open-mindedness and transcending individual or affiliated department self-interested relationships


Spirit of nurturing the company and making it wonderful by becoming a specialist who leads top of the line total transportation services

Core values

(reliability, passion and challenge)


Trust / respect / cooperation
Recognize each individual as a single entity, and offer and receive trust amongst the customers, senior and junior staff, and fellow workers (allocate tasks to the members of the organization by trusting them first)


Passion / tenacity / responsibility
Get immersed in the tasks given with an ownership mentality and tenacity, and by motivating oneself continuously


Goal / confidence / execution
Set and execute the ‘Stretch Goal’ with confidence and an enterprising ‘can do’ attitude

Concept of competent personnel

(Bright mind, changes / innovation and professionalism)


Bright mind / positive mind / ethics
Competent personnel who do well alongside those who work with them with cheerful energy and a positive mindset.


Change / innovation / temperament-oriented
Competent personnel who pursue change and innovation on the basis of creativity, and lead growth toward the status of global enterprise.


Professionalism / self-development / globalized sensibility
Competent personnel who can compete on the global stage by ceaselessly putting in efforts to become the best in their respective areas with a globalized sensibility.