Information on Recruitment

1st stage

Employment application

Download and submit the employment application form in accordance with the public announcement of recruitment.

2nd stage

Documentary screening

Undertake evaluation in accordance with the items entered of the application form and standards for employment.

3rd stage

Screening procedure


  • Administer humanities aptitude test for evaluation of personality and compatibility, disposition, personality and sentiments of individuals, and aptitude test for evaluation of the attributes and capabilities necessary for completing work.


Interview screening

  • Evaluate the applicants’ attitude, ability to think logically, and expressive and communication abilities through group discussion on a given topic with approximately 5 applicants per group
  • Hold a 2nd language interview to evaluate not only the areas of university major, experiences and personal capabilities, but also talent, passion, assertiveness and the skills of the applicant in accordance with corresponding work
  • Evaluation of competent personnel for the Taeyoung Group through personality, value system, harmony with the organization and work eligibility.

4th stage

Final decision on recruitment

Notification of the final decision on recruitment