Public Announcement of Recruitment

Publicly open recruitment of new and experienced staff for the strategy and planning office of the subsidiary company of Taeyoung in 2016
May 4, 2016

Our Taeyoung subsidiary company is a total transportation service group in the regions of Busan and Gyeongnam. We are recruiting competent personnel who will grow with Taeyoung.

1. Recruitment

Department that is hiring Team Position Requirements/benefits Number of people
Strategy and planning office New business team [New/experienced staff]
planning new business
development of new projects
analysis of validity
buyer meeting
Above intermediate level of proficiency in MS OFFICE
ability to think creatively and diversely
capable of analyzing and organizing data

[Preferred qualifications]
Those proficient in English and Chinese languages
several staff with overseas experience

Management planning team [New/experienced staff]
Diagnosis of the management of the subsidiary companies
management of performance of subsidiary companies
reporting by the management
cost analysis
Above intermediate level of proficiency in MS OFFICE
holder of PT ability
those who are active and passionate and able to analyze data

[Preferred qualifications]
Those with experience in work planning and having basic accounting knowledge

0 persons

2. Work conditions and welfare

  • Work hours : 08:30AM ~ 18:00PM (5 day work week, rotational duties in the morning in weekends)
  • Payment conditions : Vary according to the competencies of the applicant
  • Welfare : Bonuses (Chinese New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, summer holidays, subsidies for making kimchi for the winter), social insurance, retirement benefits and stipend for unused annual leave, etc.

3. Recruitment procedures

  • documentary screening : On-line reception of resume and self-introduction
    ※ Application form cannot by submitted in person, by mail or fax (only e-mail)
  • Personality interview : Interview by involved staff and executive of the company
  • PT interview : PT interview granted only for those who passed the personality interview (open topic)
  • 최종합격

4. Period and method of submission of application

  • From April 1st, 2016 to the completion of the recruitment
  • Received through email by personnel in charge of personnel management. :

5. Location of work

  • Strategy and planning office in Jurye-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan

6. Qualification for application

  • Those who graduated from, or are scheduled to graduate from (with no problem to commence work immediately) a 4-year university course
  • without any reasons for disqualification for overseas travel and good health (in the case of men, completed or exempted from compulsory military service), no limit on the academic performances
  • no limit on the academic performances
  • must submit official score from English speaking test (OPIC, TOEIC speaking, etc.)_Only scores obtained over the last 2 years are valid.

7. Other issues

  • Those designated as relatives of national war veterans and disabled persons will be given preferential treatment in accordance with the relevant law.
  • All relevant documentation must be submitted by the due date and an employment offer may be revoked if it is found that the documents are falsified or forged.
  • Announcement of the successful applicants for each of the screening stages, along with the screening schedules, will be announced through our website, SMS, email, etc.

Following the final selection, a 3 month period of probation applies, and if the newly recruited person is deemed to be highly inappropriate for the task during this period, the corresponding employment contract may be terminated.

8. Inquiries

  • Contact via E-mail ( )