Introduction to CI

Symbol Mark

Blue : Global Dream, Green : Trustworthy Eco-Friendly를 상징하여

In the global market, the strong volition and ceaseless passion of Taeyoung can succeed in any market environment through a flexible attitude and the strength of harmony. This is expressed with the image of the torch and the English initial T from the name Taeyoung, and it visualizes the intent of the company to become the foremost humane company in the world.

Logo Type

The CI logo of Taeyoung, as the basic element of the Corporate Identity Program, is the representative symbol that plays a core role in all visual communication to express the image of Taeyoung externally and internally. Particular care is needed when using the logo since it is aimed at establishing unity for all the constituent members of the organization, as well as the symbol mark to consistently convey the image of Taeyoung externally.


The signature is the combination of the symbol mark and the logo of Taeyoung, and is as the basic element of the Corporate Identity Program of Taeyoung. As the signature is applied to a diverse range of media including forms, signs and promotional materials, etc., appropriate utilization in accordance with its function is required